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Our soaps are made with an aromatic blend of essential oils and natural plant extracts. Our glycerin soap base is mild and moisturising, with a good creamy lather. All our soap is SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) which makes it gentler on your skin than most commercially produced soap. Each bar weighs approximately 90g.

All our soaps are vegan-friendly except the Heather & Goats Milk which is vegetarian.


​​The bars are wrapped in cellophane which is compostable and breaks down within a few weeks, unlike plastic which takes a few hundred years!

And now available are nice little tins to put your soap in when you are on your travels or just want to keep it dry! Our silver  rectangular tins are the perfect size for both our Soap and Shampoo Bars. To help your soap last longer, make sure the bar is fully dry before popping it in the tin.

All our soaps are handmade by us on the north east coast of the Scottish Highlands.​


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