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Shampoo & Conditioner Bars are a true innovation and will change the way you wash your hair forever!


Solid Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars are an effective, hardworking shampoo containing quality ingredients, beautiful fragrances and, best of all, require no packaging. Handy for travelling, compact and easy to use, each bar is roughly the equivalent of two plastic bottles of shampoo.

Use the bars the way you would use liquid shampoo. Massage the bar directly into the hair, lather, wash and rinse. Depending on your hair type you may still need to use conditioner afterwards. It is important to use hot water to wash and rinse, especially in areas with very hard water. This will maximise the lathering properties and effectiveness of the bars.


Solid shampoos have no preservatives (no liquid content so they don’t need any) are SLS-free, need very little packaging and are very light to carry around with you. The bars are wrapped in cellophane which is compostable and breaks down within a fews weeks, unlike plastic which takes a few hundred years!

Solid Conditioner Bars

Our rich and nourishing Solid Conditioner Bars are perfect for de-tangling and softening hair, and are suitable for all hair types. And because you only need to use a little, they go a very long way! With regular use you can expect a bar to last for approximately three months.

Made with rich Cocoa Butter, nourishing Wheatgerm Oil and Vitamin B5, our Solid Conditioner Bars are full of natural goodness. Fragranced with Pure Essential Oils, they are the perfect accompaniment to our Solid Shampoo Bars. And like our Shampoo Bars, they are also wrapped in compostable cellophane, helping you to reduce your use of plastic and eliminate it completely from your haircare regime!

Massage the bar directly into warm, wet hair after shampooing. Use fingers or a comb to evenly coat and distribute through the hair. Rinse with warm water. Remember, our Conditioner Bars are very rich so a little goes a long way!

Making the Switch to Solid Haircare

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find that there is sometimes a 'transition period' whilst your hair gets used to solid hair products. Most people notice positive results after 1-2 washes, but it can take several washes depending on the individual. This is because your hair may have 'build up' from previous cleaning and styling products which may take a little time to be completely removed by your Solid Shampoo.


As a rule of thumb, use PLENTY of Solid Shampoo until you get a really good lather. Keep massaging until you have a good lather and then rinse. However, with Solid Conditioner it is best to be a bit more frugal and do not use too much. Some people may find they only need it on the ends of their hair, or only use it every few washes. If your hair is very dry, use it along the whole shaft of the hair, but a quick and gentle glide down the hair with a bar is all you need. Then don't forget to rinse! You will notice that your hair looks and behaves very differently as it returns to its natural 'unstripped' state - much softer, finer and shinier.

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