Our guest soaps are made with an aromatic blend of essential oils and natural plant extracts. Our soap base is mild and moisturising, with a good creamy lather. All our soap is SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) which makes it gentler on your skin than most commercially produced soap.


This is a wholesale product, so is not eligible for free postage. Orders and enquiries should be made using the form at the bottom of this page. Postage costs are dependent on the weight and delivery location, so we will email you with your quote prior to ordering. Postage costs to the UK start at £2.99 for 100 x 15g Guest Soaps.

PERSONALISE YOUR SOAP? We can print the soap wrappers with your business name and/or logo if required, at no extra cost. Please contact us if you would like to customise your guest soap, or enter your requirements in the 'Customise Options' box when ordering online. All guest soaps are printed with our 'Thistle' logo unless you opt for your own logo.

Please note that orders usually take approximately three weeks to process as all our Guest Soaps are hand cut to your specifications, and need time to 'cure' before wrapping to ensure that you receive a lovely fresh product.


We sell our soaps in three different sizes, 15g, 20g and 30g, and each bar comes individually wrapped.

15g Bars

3cm x 3cm approx.

Our smallest guest soaps are perfect for guests who are staying for one or two nights.

20g Bars

3cm x 4.5cm approx.

This slightly larger bar is ideal for guests who stay for longer than a day or two.

30g Bars

3.5cm x 5cm approx.

Our largest bar is ideal for stays of a week or more, or properties catering for several people.

Our Fragrance Options are:


Lime & Lemongrass

Lavender Tea Tree & Orange

Rosemary & Nettle Leaf

Lavender & Peppermint with Oatmeal

Cedarwood & Citrus

Sweet Orange

Mixed Fragrances


Our Guest Soaps come in packs of 100.  You can order a variety of fragrances within the 100 pack option - just choose 'Mixed' as the Fragrance Option when purchasing.


100 x 15g Guest Soaps - £49.00
Handmade 15g Guest Soaps
100 x 20g Guest Soaps - £59.00
Handmade 20g Guest Soaps
100 x 30g Guest Soaps - £75.00
Handmade 30g Guest Soaps
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100 x 20g Guest Soaps - £59.00

Handmade 20g Guest Soaps